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Sameer Neve, ENV SP

Research & Development

Our sincere thanks to Sameer Neve, ENV SP, Ph.D. Candidate, Environmental Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, N.J for his R&D support providing 3rd party testing and expert evaluation of the performance of our Ecochar Environmental blends.

Sameer is a Sustainability Professional working in green technology by employing circular economy principles. Sameer applied his Ph.D. research experience in assisting Dominique Lueckenhoff, EES lead scientist (and former career US EPA environmental science and regulatory professional) in the characterization and profiling of the various EcoChars produced, blended and activated by EcoChar Environmental Solutions LLC for a range of applications.

R&D activities included but were not limited to:
1. Material and Chemical Preparation 

2. Instrument Calibration

3. Preparation of Standard Operating Procedures for adsorption kinetics and isotherm experiments, including QA/QC

4. Experimental design for adsorption kinetic and isotherm experiments including batch studies and column studies

5. Performing experiments using the SOPs set for various metals, PFAS, and nutrients

6. Data Analysis, Curation, and Visualization

7. Compiling presentation with data

Sameer has worked extensively with a variety of EES Ecochar products supporting data analyses and applicability for acceptable market-ready product positioning.

Frugal Innovation (Jugaad) has been the foundation of this research where optimization of available resources was practiced actively with exceptional performance, large scale production and cost-effective commercialization as key drivers in this field of green carbon and nature-based adsorption technology for treating a wide range of environmental pollutants for water quality and soil remediation.

Sameer Neve, ENV SP: Press Kit
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