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Go Greener, Cheaper and Better!

We've worked with leading experts on pollutant adsorption media to conduct the proper Research, Testing & Analyses for developing the right Ecochars to target specific pollutant needs in addressing soil and water.  The environmental performance of our Ecochar-E biochars outperform the rest - especially in delivering additional environmental benefits.

Ecochar-E products can not only assist with addressing a variety of pollutant needs, but are carbon negative with CO2 equivalents. Their processing has also eliminated harmful methane emissions, while enabling improved protection for water quality by eliminating nutrient runoff to surface water (rivers, streams, etc.) as well as prevent nutrient (infiltration) contamination of groundwater/drinking water.

We Carry a Variety of ECOCHAR-E Blends for Exceptional Treatability Performance!

- Harmful Algal Blooms - ECOCHAR-E Ecosocks for HABs
- Green Infrastructure/Bioretention For Stormwater/Runoff Capture & Treatment - ECOCHAR-E Bioreactor/Retention Cell Media For Nutrients And/or Heavy Metals 
- High-Performance Green Infrastructure ECOCHAR-E Amendment for Enhancing Treatment, Porosity, Water Storage, & Expedited Microbial Activity & Vegetation Growth
- PFAS - PFOA & PFOS Leachate Treatment - ECOCHAR-E Ecosocks for PFOA & PFOS
- Brownfields Heavy Metals Treatment
-Superfund Toxins & Heavy Metals Treatment
-PCBs and More!
-Have A Problem Not Listed Here?  Please Contact Us for Help.  We Have A Variety Of ECOCHAR Blends That Are Being Developed Through Our Ongoing R&D Work.

EcoChar Solutions at Work: Our Team
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